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How to sell more jewelry?

We noticed how these 8 facts can help you increase your sales, and how well they work together with 2Shapes. While reading an article by the JCK from the International Gemological Institute (or IGI for short), our team quickly realized it was brilliant, and we had to do an article going over these useful tricks that will help you sell more and better.

Let’s discover them:

  1. Curious facts about the properties of diamonds:
  • Sizes and illumination: Judging the size of a diamond by its carat is a mistake, but why? In the case of some diamonds, if you remove them from the light, they darken the edges and appear smaller than better cut diamonds. You can put this into practice by showing your customer poor diamonds next to diamonds of the same cut, but with better characteristics to add value to the latter.
  • Without defects it is not 100% real: Obviously don’t tell your customer this, but there is no such thing as a perfect diamond, they all have inclusions, even the flawless ones, when you zoom in beyond 10x mags the tiniest flaws are revealed. Knowing this, you can keep a stone with interesting inclusions to show your customer, and bring value to your “flawless” diamonds when compared side by side.
  • Show your true colors: Did you know that the color of a diamond depends on its cut quality? When gemologists grade the color of a diamond, they do so by looking at it upside down and sideways. In comparison, your customers can look at diamonds from above (when trying them on), which will reveal the truth: poorly cut diamonds exaggerate fancy colors, while better cut diamonds tend to show less color, making them more beautiful. This means you can invest in quality cuts to promote brilliance and color.
  • Understand the color grading of fancy diamonds: Fancy diamonds have more color if they are more colorful, so gemologists grade their color by examining diamonds from above, as do their clients. So the quality of the cut is not always the best feature to consider in determining its value. The next time you show fancy colored diamonds to your customers, keep this fact in mind to understand the price of your diamonds!
  1. Curious facts about natural diamonds:
  • Origins: Since natural diamonds were formed around 1 billion years ago, the world was so geographically different, we can’t trace where they actually originated from, so remember this fact the next time you hear something like “origin: Aikhal, Jwaneng or Ekati”, if your brand relies on the slogan “we all live on the land” to give an extra boost to the depth of the product.
  • Antique pieces from the past: Did you know that the oldest diamonds are approximately 3 to 1 billion years old? Putting this in perspective makes us humans only a tiny fraction of the creatures that have lived with them.
  1. Curious facts about lab-grown diamonds:
  • Magnets are HPHT’s best friends: One thing that is a lot of fun to do in front of customers, is to take a magnet, stick it to your diamonds made at HPHT, and watch their faces turn to amazement as they magnetically stick to your magnet. Then you can explain to them that this is because, during their creation, there are some metal fragments left inside. Or just don’t tell them, and keep the suspense.
  • Face it, defying nature sounds good: So CVD diamonds are created using negative pressure, which would naturally result in graphite, but using hydrogen to etch the graphite while growing the diamond atom by atom with hydrocarbon. Too geeky, right? Just tell customers that their diamonds have cheated Mother Nature with technology.

So what do you think, how many tricks are you going to try tomorrow? 2Shapes is an amazing set of tools that improves jewelry organizations around the world, and you can be one of them.

Take a few minutes and have a quick demonstration of how 2Shapes can work for you with one of our business specialists.



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