2Shapes Online Academy for Jewelers

We are pleased to announce 2Shapes Academy, the new training platform for learning from the 2Shapes experts. Today we offer you three comprehensive courses: 2Shapes for Rhino Level 1, 2Shapes for Rhino Level 2, and Rendering for Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino. No previous Rhino experience is required. In the courses, we will not only […]

2Shapes at JCK Las Vegas 2022

JCK Las Vegas is the destination for order fulfillment, inspiring education, networking, entertainment, and fun. The experience at JCK goes beyond business; it is personal, uniting a community and shaping the jewelry industry’s future. JCK 2022 took place June 10-13, 2022, at The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, NV, and like every year, 2Shapes was there […]

How do new couples buy jewelry?

We came across a great article by Emili Vesilind, editor of JCK magazine, in which she points out many insights into 2020 trends and consumer behavior patterns that will help you understand the market better. As 2Shapes is the software of choice for leading jewelry companies, we want to share with you the most interesting […]

New Resources in 2Shapes for Rhino

In the latest version of 2Shapes for Rhino we have added new materials and grounds for all your rendering needs. Here is an in-depth look at the newly added resources: Green Gold and Chocolate Gold Green Gold and Chocolate Gold are increasing in popularity, and we want to always offer you the latest. So we […]

2Shapes for Rhino 3.0 – New Version!

2Shapes for Rhino is available for Rhino 6.0 and Rhino 7.0, and the update is free for all 2Shapes for Rhino users. Let’s focus on the most important new features. User interface/UX improvements New enhancements to the 2Shapes interface for Rhino, adapting to any screen size, from 4K to any small screen. Create and synchronize […]

New design and filters for our jewelry in our online stores and POS – Point of sale

Organizing and classifying your designs and products in the most coherent way is really important. Therefore, our development team has been working with some customers to define what, in our opinion, is the best way to classify jewelry pieces by type and subtype. All this will bring many advantages, not only for our customers’ statistics, […]

2Shapes is a member of the MJSA community

We are honored to announce that 2Shapes is now a member of the MJSA community. 2Shapes has joined the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America group to be closer to jewelry professionals, and support the jewelry industry. MJSA is the trade alliance dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry manufacturing and design. By leveraging the collective […]

Create 3D textures for your jewelry

2Shapes for Rhino presents a set of tools for the most demanding jewelry designers. One of them is 3D Texture, a command that allows you to create a 3D model from an image thanks to 2Shapes’ innovative technology. With 3D Textures, you can create custom designs with ease, from contemporary signet rings with pyramid patterns, […]

Impressive jewelry product configurators for your online store and POS Point of Sale

We are pleased to announce the new version of 2Shapes with revolutionary new features for creating jewelry product configurators. These new configurators will allow your customers to configure their products and find the unique product they are looking for. These configurators are ready to be added to your online stores and POS. Direct integration into […]

Down to the smallest detail in diamonds

2Shapes has the most advanced real time pricing system for jewelry and diamonds. Set up your manufacturers, costs, taxes and delivery times, then simulate and research your products. 2Shapes automatically calculates prices and delivery times for your stores and websites! Manage the diamonds and gemstones you want to sell, fully dynamic and integrated to your […]