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Customer loyalty in jewelry stores. How to get your customers to come back to your store?

Did you know that building customer loyalty in your jewelry store can cost you 9 times less than trying to get new customers?

The operation is simple.

Building customer loyalty involves working with people who have already bought from you, know you, and are happy with you and your jewelry store.
On the contrary, getting a new customer involves reaching them, capturing their attention, and convincing them that you are the best option.

As you can see, the commercial effort is very different, so the best option to increase the sales of your jewelry store is always to work both in parallel.

Today I want to talk to you about how to build customer loyalty in your jewelry store by working on two particular areas of your commercial strategy.

How to build customer loyalty in your jewelry business?

I want to detail the two main options you can have when working with customer loyalty for your jewelry store, although both are based on the same operation: working with a customer management system or CRM.

1.- The CRM or customer management system

The key to building customer loyalty in your jewelry store is knowing who they are, always keeping them in mind, and remembering dates and events that are significant for them.

And in this sense, 2Shapes CRM is the best CRM customer tracking software you can find.

With it, you will be able to work comprehensively on all your business strategies for new contacts and retain customers you already have in your jewelry store.

Some of the main advantages that you will find in this customer loyalty tool are:

Possibility of managing all your company’s commercial operations from a single place: quotes, orders, invoices, and document management.
Complete customer management: customer records, purchases made, management of alarms and reminders, order recovery, etc…
Integration with 2Shapes’ suite of specialized tools for jewelry stores: point of sale, online store, 3D jewelry design, etc…

2.- Promotions and offline/online marketing

The second way to work on customer loyalty is through specialized marketing campaigns for jewelry stores.

On the one hand, you can quickly build customer loyalty through reminders or alarms that allow you to remember your customers’ birthdays or special dates.

In this way, it is not complicated to send them an email or a detail that includes a small discount or personalized promotion that can make them come back to your jewelry store.

This way, you can build customer loyalty much more quickly, bring them back to your jewelry store and increase your sales rapidly.

If you work with online marketing campaigns, the result is very similar.

The main point to work on will be to take your customers to your online store and there, within their personalized customer file, establish discount coupons, promotions, or customized offers.

Many jewelry stores perform this operation and give the option to buy online or physically in the jewelry store (for local promotions), notifying each customer in a personalized way both by mail and SMS.

As you are sure to have good customers, it will be easy for them to buy from you again. You will facilitate customer loyalty in your jewelry store with minimal commercial effort.




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