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How do I promote my jewelry business through social media?

Social networks in the jewelry industry are the Internet windows through which to attract and interact with your customers and potential customers. Therefore, you must be careful with social networks and take care of their image and content on a daily basis.

Here are 5 tips for promoting your jewelry business through social media:

1. Be where your audience is

The first step is to analyze your audience and know in which social networks you will find them. Explore their common interests and create an account or business page only on the necessary social networks, not where you want, where your audience is.

Consider your business system when choosing social networks. Facebook and Linkedin are good for B2B, and Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter for B2C.

According to a , 58% and 59% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 are on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Only 19% of Facebook users and 15% of Instagram users are over 45 years old.


2. Adapt the information you put on social networks according to what your customers are doing on each of them

Now that you know where your customers are, let’s adapt the content on each network. It is very important to know that: shared content should complement each other, not overlap! Then we can use several networks, to specifically communicate different messages. The messages on each network must be different but with connection.

This way our content will not be seen as abusive, it will be seen as friendly content. And… when you go shopping, do you prefer to go to your friend’s jewelry store or to an unknown one?

3. Display visual information

It is known that visual information is much more attractive than text. It is basic to include high quality photos in each publication. Video marketing will also help your jewelry business grow.

“Video generates 1200% more actions than images and text.”

Selecting the right images and videos will greatly increase your social media engagement. Infographics are a good way to summarize dense or extensive information. Very useful for talking about the benefits of your products and educational information.

4. Offers educational content

Teach your audience about diamonds, gemstones, types of gold and silver, cuts, finger sizes, etc. Basically, help them provide answers to their answers. Have them learn with you. What are you good at – designing, making, selling – share it!

Decide which is the best social network to share this content! And remember that the goal of that content is to get more noticed in the industry, not to sell (for the moment).

5. Why are you better than your competitors?

We all compare before we buy, that’s why it’s so important to know what your jewelry store’s advantages are over the competition.

Do you know the advantages of yours over the competition? If you don’t know your advantages, it’s because you don’t have them. Perhaps the solution lies in Personalized Jewelry.




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