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How to attract customers to my jewelry store? 3 successful strategies to try

The basis for increasing your jewelry store’s sales lies in knowing how to attract customers to your store and get them to buy from you.

It’s not just probability, and it’s conversion rate. So that’s why you must get more people into your store; that way, you’ll get more customers.

And the more sales you have, your jewelry business can grow.

The question is, how do I do it? How do I attract new customers to my jewelry store?

Let me tell you three simple, current, and very effective strategies.

How do I attract new customers to my jewelry store?

Your first question about this will be how to attract customers without having to start using a lot of tools and applications and/or having to spend the time you don’t have.

Simple. With POS software for jewelry stores like 2Shapes Store that integrates everything you need and more from a single tool.

Let’s take a look.

An excellent catalog will help you attract excellent customers

The best way to attract customers to your jewelry store is always to have an excellent catalog and equally excellent customer service.

But imagine now that you add a differential factor: CUSTOMIZATION.

Imagine that you can design your jewelry in 3D with your customer in your jewelry store, customizing everything he wants to his liking. In front of him and in real-time.

In our experience, many of our customers manage to project a better professional brand that helps them attract more customers to their stores.

And with 2Shapes software, you can do it without any problems.

Create an online store to capture online leads

Today, your competition can overtake you and take customers away from you if you’re not online.

It is not an option nor an opportunity; you have to spend an excessive amount of time creating your online store and uploading all the information about your products, orders, and everything else.

Getting customers online is important, but not at any price.

That’s why 2Shapes Online Store allows you to create your online store from the POS system itself and directly upload all the information you already have, without duplicates, and also in a 100% synchronized way.

And once you have it set up, attracting customers to your online store or to your physical store will be child’s play.

You can use discount coupons to redirect people to your physical store, work a blog with interesting content and an Inbound marketing strategy to help you generate sales on autopilot.

Any of these options will help you attract new customers and increase sales.

Use a CRM to build customer loyalty and increase sales

A CRM is the best way to make everything easier… orders, opportunities, invoices… But also to build customer loyalty.

After all, why not try to sell something current, new and beautiful to a customer who has already bought from you and is happy with you?

Generally, building customer loyalty costs 9 times less than acquiring new customers.

Now imagine that thanks to 2Shapes CRM, you can remember your customers’ birthdays, events, and memorable moments for them, which can be a reason to send them a congratulation or an appropriate message.

Managing reminders, alarms, calendars, and emails will again help attract customers who have already bought from you and build customer loyalty to increase sales.

And again, with the advantage that you don’t have to use many tools. With 2Shapes software, you have everything integrated to perform as many actions as you need to.

Final goal: attract customers to your store and increase sales.



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