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How to promote your jewelry on the internet and social networks. Digital marketing for jewelry stores.

If your goal is to increase the sales of your jewelry store, you should bet without hesitation on an excellent digital marketing strategy for jewelry stores.

For two main reasons:

  • Because your target audience is online and buys online.
  • Because your competition is too. And that means that you may be taking customers.

If you are already attracting customers to your store and have a personalized jewelry catalog, what better option than creating an online store and doing good digital marketing for your jewelry?

Also, if you have the 2Shapes ERP Software, creating an online store and even working on social networks is the easiest thing in the world.

  • With 2Shapes Online Store, you can create your online store directly from the POS, synchronizing the information in real time without duplicating the information.
  • And with 2Shapes Design for 3D jewelry design, you can automatically create professional-quality images and videos to share on social media.

So you no longer have excuses to say no to working on digital marketing for your jewelry.

Digital marketing for jewelry stores. Three channels to multiply your benefits

Many digital marketing channels for jewelry businesses can be worked on; however, three specific actions are crucial.

Web positioning for jewelry stores

Web positioning, or SEO, is one of the most important parts of marketing for jewelry stores.

Because the result is that a good SEO will provide more visibility to your jewelry business on the internet, imagine that when someone searches for “wedding rings” or “engagement rings”, your website appears in the first positions of the first page of Google results.

Can you imagine how many sales you could get just from that? Well, this type of digital marketing for jewelry stores, SEO, is the basis of any internet strategy.

Content Marketing for Jewelry Stores

If there is something that 70% of the jewelry stores on the internet have, it is a blog for two main reasons.

  • Because it allows you to reach your target audience with content non-invasive and great potential.
  • And because SEO for jewelry stores helps you position specific keywords that can bring you more business.

In addition, content is one of the types of online marketing that Google likes the most and one of the most grateful for the good return it presents.

Social networks for jewelry stores. Facebook and Instagram

Social networks are a charming environment to promote your jewelry, but remember that everything is not valid.

As a digital marketing channel for jewelry stores, it’s fantastic if you use it to communicate and spread news, your content… In general, your communication is.

However, it is a mistake to want to use social networks to promote your jewelry organically. That will rarely work for you because social networks do not sell.

That is why you must go one step further and combine your jewelry’s social media strategy with online advertising to make it more effective.

And in this case, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are the best options.

As fundamental elements for digital marketing in jewelry stores, Instagram Ads especially work well since this network has a significant impact and reach (especially with its Reels) on users who may be your target audience.

If you attract them to your online store from this social network, you will see how your sales increase rapidly, and the ROI of the business grows and grows.

Well, now that you know these three digital marketing channels for jewelry stores, it’s time to start and get to work.




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