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Improve communication with 2Shapes Visualizer

We are glad to announce a new feature for 2Shapes: 2Shapes Visualizer. Our visualiser will transport your clients into a captivating and realistic experience. Send a link to your clients, or add it into your eCommerce.​

Transform static concepts into vibrant, interactive experiences, allowing you to showcase and explore your creations in a dynamic and immersive way.

Quick and convenient communication​

Share the visualizer with your customers through a link, enabling quick and convenient communication. Send the link directly via channels like WhatsApp, email, or social media messages. Streamline the process of showcasing jewelry to interested customers and facilitate instant interaction for feedback and adjustments based on their preferences.

Seamless Integration for Web and E-commerce

By having the ability to add the visualizer to any website or ecommerce platform, designers, manufacturers, and jewelry stores can offer an interactive and immersive experience to their visitors and customers within their own digital environment. This allows them to effectively showcase their jewelry in 3D, which can increase user engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

Increased interaction and engagement

By providing a 3D visualiser, designers, manufacturers and jewellery retailers can increase customer interaction with their products. The ability to view details in real time generates greater engagement and captures the attention of site visitors.

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