2Shapes for Rhino!

Share your projects in cloud workspaces and provide access to 3D files to everyone in your organization.

Reach your archives anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The new Rhino plugin approaches all 2Shapes incredible features to CAD users. Try it out now!

Rhino Plugin Capture
Open any 3D-File format in the cloud collaboratively
From any device open your 3D files. No CAD software required, all in the cloud.
  • Even non CAD versed professionals will have an easy time working with 3d models within 2Shapes
  • Tear down technological barriers and share 3D with everyone in your organitzasion.
Analyze 3D models & repair STL
Instantly see if models & assemblies are print-ready and export the STL files for manufacturing.
  • Detect errors and automatically correct the STL files.
  • Intuitive analyzing and rendering cloud solution.
3D-Oriented cloud-workspace for your projects
Solves PLM related problems common in the 3D industry.
  • Automatic version control for all files.
  • Deleted files recovery, information is never lost.
  • Access any 3D file and get instant insight of the current state of the project.
The best 100% cloud-based rendering solution
Create hundreds of prototypes with a UI-friendly & real time rendering solution
  • More than 250 high resolution physical materials
  • Wide variety of materials, textures and lighting
  • Empower your marketing and sales team to create their own material
Built-in complementary tools to coordinate with your team
2Shapes makes collaborative work easier for 3D companies leading to shorter processes & production times.
  • Project management solution for 3D teams.
  • Multiplatform instant messaging solution that supports 3D file sharing.

What does 2Shapes Rhino plugin do?

Enhances Rhino by synchronizing 2Shapes Cloud to your prefered CAD
Adapts to modelers and designers' workflow now getting the full experience within Rhino

2Shapes plans tailor your needs

Unlimitedly free access