What is ROPO and how it affects your business

Customers want to make informed decisions. 

88% of the customers research online before making a purchase. This is known as ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and presents a huge eCommerce opportunity. The ROPO effect describes the process whereby the buyer first does their research about a product online before finally purchasing in person. Potential customers search for products, compare prices, and read through reviews online. Once this is done, they go to the local store to make a purchase. According to Google78% of United States citizens look to the internet when they need to research something.  

In  Bright Local’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2017, they found that customers use the Internet to Shop Locally, and it is commonly done through online reviews.

97% of consumers looked online to find a local business.12% use the internet every day to find local businesses.

But What are Customers researching Online? They normally:

  1. Compare Prices
  2. Check Opinions
  3. Compare Experiences
  4. Download Coupons
  5. Check Sales/Redeem Exclusive Offers
  6. Research Products

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