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How to choose the best ERP for jewelry and grow your jewelry store

If you’ve ever been looking to change your jewelry ERP system, you know it’s a long and complicated process.

  • Lots of competition
  • Many generic programs that don’t always work for you.
  • Management systems that do not meet the requirements of your jewelry store
  • Etc…

Today I want to show you how to choose a management system for your jewelry store that works for you, but also to introduce you to the best ERP for jewelry stores: 2Shapes.

And I’m not saying it’s the best just because, but because it’s one of the few ERP programs specialized for jewelry businesses and because it’s also made by the creators of RhinoGold and Clayoo.

With it, you will reduce the time you spend managing your business and you will be able to dedicate more time to attract more visitors to your jewelry store and convert them into customers.

2Shapes, the best ERP system for jewelry stores, 100% specialized.

To begin with, is an ERP program specifically for jewelry stores, agile and simple and with which you will not have to depend on computer support or maintenance.

You will find in it all the functionalities of the best ERP for jewelry stores, such as order management, inventory management, CRM module, invoicing… and you will be able to use it on any device and in any location.

But above all, what our customers like the most. Our ERP management system for jewelry stores, allows you to customize your designs and your jewelry… in front of your customers, in your own store!

Create your online store from your ERP management system

Another interesting option is to sell your jewelry online. Something that costs practically nothing because, in 3 simple steps, 2Shapes online Store creates your online store on the Internet.

  • From within the ERP for jewelry stores
  • Without having to re-upload the information
  • Without duplicating anything
  • Without having to waste a single minute of extra time

Do you know how much your turnover can increase if you sell online? With our ERP system for jewelry businesses, selling online is the easiest thing in the world.

And of course, don’t forget to build customer loyalty, remembering dates and special events of your customers, which will allow you to make them buy again or even attract them to your physical store.

Design your jewelry in 3D from your specialized ERP for jewelry stores

The best always comes last. What undoubtedly makes this the best ERP software for jewelry stores is its 3D jewelry configurator, 2Shapes Design, one of the most powerful and fastest on the market.

Thanks to it, you can offer your customers the unique experience of designing with them the piece of jewelry they like the most, in your own store.

In addition, our ERP for jewelry stores exports your 3D jewelry models in STL and 3DM (Rhinoceros) format for 3D printing and casting and allows you to use hundreds of ready-to-create jewelry designs in your collections.

As you can see, 2Shapes is undoubtedly one of the best ERP management systems for jewelry stores.

Want to see how it works? You can request a free, no-obligation demo at this link and we’ll show you how 2Shapes works.




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