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How to create the best online jewelry store to boost your brand and increase sales

Have you ever thought about setting up an online jewelry store to increase the sales of your jewelry store?

The truth is that sometimes you may think it is a long and expensive process and not worth it.

Well, it is quite the opposite; the advantages of setting up jewelry e-commerce are significant and remarkable. For example:

  • Increased sales
  • Increase in the average purchase ticket
  • The improved shopping experience for your customers
  • Unassisted sales
  • Better branding and brand image for your jewelry store.

In addition, if you already have the 2shapes ERP for jewelry stores, setting up your e-commerce will be a breeze. 2Shapes Online Store is a platform designed specifically for jewelers and is tailored to your needs and requirements, helping you to increase your sales in the shortest possible time.

In any case, I want to talk to you in this post about the 5 main points you need to take into account to set up the best online jewelry store.

How to create the best jewelry e-commerce

There are many aspects to consider when setting up an online jewelry store. However, I want to leave you with the five most important ones.

1.- Attractive and user-friendly design

The design of your jewelry e-commerce is crucial to generate a good impression, trust, and confidence in the potential buyer.

The bottom line is to ensure that the online store is easy to navigate and straightforward to use, and in the same way, it should reflect the aesthetics and values of the brand.

Especially the jewelry images, the product pages, and the shopping cart must be excellent.

2.- Offer a high level of security to your customers

Security is essential for any online jewelry store where the costs of your products may be higher than in other e-commerce.

Nobody wants phishing or other problems, so enable a high level of security. Use SSL to generate a secure site and perform double validation processes for your customers’ accounts and security in the shopping cart at checkout.

And don’t just stop there; inform your potential customers of this as soon as they enter the website so that they can buy with complete peace of mind.

3.- Product catalog for your jewelry e-commerce

Product selection is a crucial aspect of increasing sales. Especially if you are using 2shapes online, you already know that you don’t need to upload the whole catalog again; just by synchronizing it, you can upload it in real-time.

Create specific categories such as “most liked” and “most purchased” and ensure they are visible to all users.

4.- Customize the products of your online jewelry store

Product customization can be an excellent way to increase sales in your online jewelry store.

Customers tend to look for unique and personalized products that reflect their style, so offering handcrafted creations and unique pieces will always work in your favor to increase sales.

5.- Do good digital marketing to promote your jewelry online

Good digital marketing for jewelry stores will help you make your online store much more visible on the internet and attract more customers.

In addition, you can work to create a community around your brand on social networks, which will help you promote your creations at the highest level.




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