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RHINO for jewelry stores. The best platform for 3D jewelry modeling by 2Shapes.

Do you know what happens when jewelry and technology come together to offer services and products with high-added value?

Very easy… your jewelry store’s turnover multiplies, and your customer volume grows.

Not only because you get to create 3D-modeled jewelry that is much more personalized and attractive but also because you can create your jewelry directly with your customer and in real-time.

Imagine the situation.

You start attracting potential customers to your jewelry store through online advertising campaigns, your jewelry e-commerce, or any other channel.

Customers want something different, exclusive, and different from what they find in any other jewelry store. And that you can offer them because you can give it to their taste.

Imagine now that you can sit down with your customer in your jewelry store and create a customized 3D jewel, just as your customer tells you he wants to make it.

And what’s more, you can see how this 3D modeling of your jewelry is turning out in real-time, on the fly.

Would this help you to get many more sales and, above all, many more satisfied customers that will generate an excellent brand image for your jewelry store?

RHINO for jewelry stores. The best platform for 3D modeling of jewelry

2Shapes for Rhino is jewelry stores’ most powerful 3D CAD CAM design program. Hundreds of jewelry design and 3D jewelry modeling professionals already use this software, which is already present in more than 30 countries.

Its functionalities, power, and ease of use are undoubtedly some of the keys that make it the most used platform by jewelry designers.

Why should I use 2Shapes for Rhino for 3D modeling?

Many specific functionalities make it one of the most demanded tools for 3D modeling.

In this video, you will see them in detail, and you can even try 2Shapes for Rhino for free if you are interested.

Still, let me leave you with some of the main advantages of using our 3D jewelry modeling platform, 2Shapes for Rhino.

  • 2Shapes for Rhino helps you increase your productivity thanks to being an intelligent and 100% parametric solution made specifically for 3D jewelry modeling.
  • Its intuitive parameterization allows you to change and modify any aspect on the fly and visualize it in real-time.
  • You can start creating your jewelry from scratch from the more than 2,000 elements available in the database and customize them freely. 3D modeling your jewelry has always been challenging and straightforward.
  • You can design to your liking, customize all your jewelry and visualize the results in real-time, creating 3D models ready for production in minutes.
  • You can get high-quality photos of all your creations and the best GPU-optimized, physics-based production renderer.

As you can see, 2Shapes for Rhino is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for 3D jewelry modeling…

And remember that we invite you to try it without obligation!




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