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Types of engagement ring to dazzle your customers in your jewelry

The moment of the engagement is one of the happiest for the bride and groom. And one of those that, for you as a jeweler, can bring more customers to your jewelry store.

Because there are many different types of engagement rings and the bride and groom want special things, different or even exclusive rings that serve to seal their love forever.

From your jewelry store, you have many ways to sell the different wedding rings you have in your store.

In-person, in your jewelry store
Online, through your online jewelry store.

However, there is something that is different for any jewelry business at this time, and that is its ability to design any type of engagement ring, along with your customer … and in your same store.

Exclusive, different, and at an affordable cost.

And how can you get such a unique ring or wedding band?

The answer is simple. Thanks to specialized software such as 2Shapes Design, the most powerful and fastest 3D jewelry configurator on the market, you can attract more customers to your jewelry store and improve the promotion of your business.

In addition, thanks to it, you will be able to make exquisite 3D designs of your jewelry or use some of the existing ones to attract more customers to your jewelry store.

An aspect that will undoubtedly make you take a step ahead of your competition and make you different and unique for your customers.

So now you only have to start, in this case, designing and manufacturing the different types of wedding rings you can sell… Let’s see some concrete examples.

Best types of wedding ring to sell in jewelry

There are many engagement rings or wedding bands, but today we will look at some of the most relevant ones you can certainly design and customize with 2Shapes Design.

Solitaire ring

The classic type of engagement ring par excellence. This ring incorporates a stone in the center and can be chosen with different settings or mounts.

Trilogy ring or three gemstone engagement ring

This wedding ring model is delicate and elegant and made up of three gemstones lined up in a row. It is usually set with small diamonds.

Halo ring

This type of engagement ring is extraordinary, as it incorporates additional diamonds. The center stone is more significant and is surrounded by small diamonds.

Princess cut ring

This is a variation of the solitaire wedding ring, where the square shape of the diamond makes it look much more prominent and modern.

Half Eternity Ring

This engagement ring is created from a piece that sets the middle of the ring arm with diamonds.

Eternity Ring

This name refers to engagement rings incorporating diamonds in the ring’s band. The rail setting and the diamonds are set into the precious metal in a smooth line.

As you can see, you can make many different engagement rings in your jewelry store together with your customers, making them unique and different.

And don’t forget that 2Shapes Design can export all your 3D ring and jewelry models in STL and 3DM (Rhinoceros) format for 3D printing and casting.




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